Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Revisiting Thrive

A couple of nights ago, I finished re-watching “Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take” after about 4 years ago when I first saw it. It was highly inspirational and informative and I knew the beginning to quarter of the film very vividly, but for some reason I realized that I had not really payed attention to its ending and conclusion.

For those who have not watched, I highly recommend Thrive as it serves to shed light on most problems of humanity including energy, health, food, water, education, media, banking and finance, etc. The director and producer, Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, use thorough and convincing research to expose various levels of corruption that has led to suppression of truths in many spheres of life.

First the movie, describes how life is meant to work, the paradigm of abundance, ability for everyone to thrive.It delves in to what would be a truthful and ideal paradigm to strive towards and lists some practical applications and scientists who have been systematically suppressed. 

Then the question why such systematic suppression is happening is brought to the picture. In the search to answer this, the plot of the power mongering elite in the world is unveiled validated by historical and independent research (you may brush it off as another conspiracy theory; however, the research is really compelling, give it a second thought! – What if they are right?).  An interesting way to find out the truth of why such outrageous things are happening, as mentioned by Mr. Gamble, is the cardinal rule of investigative journalism:

“If something does not make sense, follow the money!”

The last stages of the movie, which I previously did not really pay attention to, was to offer solutions starting from making peace with what is wrong and taking the stance of non-violence as demonstrated by Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. and focus on solutions and simple steps that one can take to break through the mold and join the massive conscious movement for change.
In particular, there were a couple of parts which struck a really nice cord with me:

One of them, was when the Evolutionary Biologist, Dr. Elizabeth Sahtouris, used a metaphor for describing the current corruption and inefficient systems as a caterpillar worm, who is desperately trying to survive and eats 300 times more than its weight, destroying a large amount of vegetation. She mentioned this is how corrupt systems and “World Order” engineers are, desperately trying to hang-on and control the masses, they offer dirty and hazardous solutions like oil, nuclear, etc., lobby inefficient drug production and suppress the real health solutions, want to put cameras everywhere and plant that RFID chip in to your skin, just so that they can control and have power, no matter what the consequences of these choices are, no matter how much material they have accumulated.

She adds that at some point, the caterpillar goes in to cocoon in the metamorphosis stage, and starts having new cells, which scientists refer to as “Imaginal” cells: seeds of huge potential ultimately resulting in a gracious colorful tender butterfly. Instead of hating the caterpillar, and not accepting it, rather we ought to make peace with it, accept it, look at it as the process the makes imaginal cells shine, the struggle and resistance that would lead to the butterfly.

Another point that caught my attention, was the bit about Aikido as a form of martial arts which utilizes the opponent’s energy to blend and become one with it, does subduing them in a non-violent way. An aikido great master had one said, the goal of Aikido (“Ai” meaning harmony, “Ki” means Qi/Sprititual Energy and “Do” the way/the path, so “the path of unifying spiritual energy”) is not to defeat the enemy and rather blend with it and become one.

“Aikido is not a technique to fight and defeat an enemy. It is a way to reconcile the world and make human beings one family."

The movie comes to a conclusion by listing some simple and practical approaches to take towards the new paradigm shift.  These steps include activities such as joining like-minded people in groups, investing every dime in a socially responsible manner and for the right causes (“…any dollar amount sends a message!”). Other steps include eating organic rather than GMO, banking with smaller local banks, striving to reduce political campaign and military budgets, etc.

It was just anything I could ask for in a documentary, the truth and research to back it up, and how to face the unsettling reality of corruption with constructive actions.

If you have not yet, why don’t you go ahead and watch it, Share your thoughts and feelings!
Like all actions whether posting of a thought, a demonstration of a new technology, and share of a practical step, I pray and hope that it benefits humanity in some way J

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Peace and blessings of God be upon you.
I pray ou are in the best state of health and spirit.
The phrase technoloQi is interesting and could be defined as such:

TechnoloQi: If Qi is "Natural Energy" or "Vital Energy" then technology that operates in the Qi paradigm could be referred to as TechnoloQi.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Please Donate to Rick and Keshe Foundation

Dear All, Please donate generously and spread this message below. It is by Rick Crammond, who is a super active member of the technology open-source community, specially with the works of Mr. Mehran T Keshe, which has tremendous applications in medicine, energy, transportation, food production, etc.

Rick goes by the name MrFixitRick (see on YouTube) and you can find many many samples of his work, I know him personally and had the chance to meet him, he really can do with any help.

(keywords: donate, fundraising campaign, Mehan Keshe).

Message from Rick on :
Keshe reactor reproduction alliance

A message I sent to all Facebook groups...

This message is directed to the one percent of this planet who are wealthy.
The rest of you need not listen.

This month is arguably the most important in the history of the Keshe Foundation.
The opening of the Spaceship Institute is a major milestone,
and the 10th Workshop coming up Feb 27th
promises to be greater than all the rest put together!

Is there anyone out there who cares?

Over six billion people on this planet...
Millions of millionaires.
Thousands of billionaires.
Yet, there were no donations this month to any of the Keshe-related GoFundMe sites.

What's with that?

If you have money, please give unconditionally to the Keshe Foundation at this critical juncture in its growth.

Or show support for the dedicated people of the Spaceship Institute...
or support those like myself, who are helping as volunteers and experimenters.

Some of us have personally risked everything, to make true the
Keshe vision of peace, and prosperity, for all beings on Earth...
and even for those off-planet too!

I work hard for the Keshe foundation. It is difficult under extreme anxiety that the phone bill is overdue and I will literally lose service, tomorrow!

What about you?
What is your financial situation?

Why does it seem that those who have lots of money, do not feel the need to help others?
But the poorer folks, they give everything they have, from their hearts?

Surely, some well-off individuals must have hearts... 
To them I say, "How much time or money do YOU spend supporting the Keshe Foundation?"

There are many experimenters, such as myself, who need support.
We work hard every day towards the Keshe dream of power, lift, new materials, and health benefits for mankind.

Thanks to the graciousness and openness of Mr Keshe, many experimenters now have the knowledge and understanding to move forward with the Keshe technology.

So, please, give freely and unconditionally, to support all those who are helping the Keshe Foundation worldwide.

There is no other organization that offers such a magnificent future for mankind!

Rick Crammond
aka "mrfixitrick"

Here are the donation sites I know of...

Keshe Foundation donation page...

English Transcribing of Keshe Workshops...

Ludmil Katzarov, Knowledge Seeker fund-raiser

Geert Vranckx, Group Nederlands, project Keshe Reactor

Chinese group,

Rick Crammond, Building a Keshe Plasma Reactor...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Amazing Image

I pray you are with inner peace and seeking enlightenment constantly. My unconditional love to you dear reader.

I think you will find this image interesting, I downloaded it from the  Keshe American knowledge Transfer Page (not sure about the original link).

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Questions I Ask

Peace be Upon You 

I hope this writing finds you in the best state of faith and health. May God give us the strength to do and say those things most pleasing to Him.

A while back, the topic of Iran and Nuclear Energy came up again in a gathering I was attending and ever since that I think we need to debate this topic more carefully. I get a sense of stagnation and a morbid repetitive broken-record, status quo deficient loop when people say "oh other countries have it, so we should also" and then the leery dark perception that ensues: "hopefully extremists of our government don't build a nuclear bomb and blow it on other people".

Thinking in a limited manner, thinking that a certain geographic country should have something because other countries have it and it works and provides energy is not a deep serious life purpose type of thinking in my humble opinion. Yes, nuclear energy can provide energy. So did coal , oil, etc. however is this is? Why not also ask "How many Fukushima type of disasters do I need to see for me to change and think differently" "Am I not ever tired of thinking about lacks and scarcity - jumping from a very imperfect polluting solution to another???? in the same box of scarcity thinking ?" "How much more should I wait to see what the world's governments have in store for us in terms of real and heart-felt solutions" "Why not be proactive - start exploring alternatives myself?"

And do you just like to copy what other people have? Why? Boy, is this not the Jones's effect: "hey they bought a house, we should buy a house, they got two cars, we should get one more....they got a child, I need a child". I cannot believe for an epsilon of second that our spiritual and intellectual potential is limited at this level.....If you believe in God and that God is perfect and human's soul yearns to go towards this perfection and progression, then the question of "How am I going to have what others have in my generation" is not enough, not only is not enough, it is a low-level and dangerous type of thinking. The belief, I humbly, dear reader, I urge you to subscribe to more seriously is this:

"I believe God is The-Abundant, He is Most beneficent to All and Most Merciful, Oh God reveal to us what is best for us so that we can construct systems that manifest a shade of your Abundance. God most high likes us to explore His bounties and not be satisfied with being short-changed with something incompatible with our spirit. We see the effects of disasters of pollution, health and environment hazards, etc. around us and now we ask God to give us knowledge and intuition to build harmless systems. And once I am nudged and informed about a potential solution, no matter how small and insignificant it seems at first, I am willing to look at it, experiment with it and try it, see why it is good And no more I am just satisfied with what is advertised to me via main stream media and those who prey on superficial information causing nations to pursuit disastrous fantasies."
"The earth and the skies could not keep this trust of the clock
Yet the poor insane me was stuck with such tough luck.
People find good reason for the wars in which they are stuck
Since Truth they cannot see, to fantasies they would flock."

Inshallah (God Willingly) we pray for abundance and the most truthful realization of Allah SWT. We shall not be convinced with staying at the status quo of any system or any -isms - except that which is more truthful and just. 
"We shall never cease from exploring"

And Peace be Upon You

Sunday, December 29, 2013

a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

A new fundamental geometric pattern at quantum level is discovered and reported by a group of scientists. Here is the link and a brief summary below it.

Scientists discovered a certain fundamental geometric pattern at quantum levels that greatly simplifies calculations.

Previously large calculations done by computer can now be done on paper. So essentially particle interactions calculated using  equations containing a1000 terms can be reduced to a fundamental one term expression.

The new simple theory will facilitate the search for theory of Quantum Gravity, hence connecting large and small particle models of the universe. Previous attempts at explaining gravity using quantum had resulted in nonsensical infinite and paradoxical solutions.

This fundamental jewel-like geometry is referred to by the discoverers as amplituhedron.

My own thoughts:
A fundamental geometric pattern for modelling the universe can unify and explain all natural phenomena in universe - a certain blue-print that if followed our systems from technology to financial, agriculture, etc. - would be more efficient and holistic and if not followed they would not be as efficient (if not fundamentally flawed) which eventually result in damage and disaster.

Similar to amplituhedron, which proposes a unified geometric solution for equations in quantum physics, a fundamental geometrical pattern (related to fractal and sacred geometry) has been inspired to Marko Rodin in from of a simple diagram consisting of numbers 1-9 and simple line relationships. This is Vortex Based Mathematics which I believe is simple, accessible and intuitive enough to work with. For an introduction see this page.



N. Arkani-Hamed, J. L. Bourjaily, Freddy Cachazo. "Scattering Amplitudes and the Positive Grassmannian" Cornell University Library. Archive 1212.5605. Available:


N. Wolchover. (2013). "Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics,"[Online]. Quanta Magazine., Available:
. Dec 2013.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daniel Nunez - Global BEM Team

I believe if we look at Daniel Nunez and his work there is a lot to learn - in terms of education, research and the type of open-source business vibe he has.

Here is a video from this month, God bless him and his family.

Published on Nov 9, 2013
The Global BEM Conference in Boulder, CO turned out to be an amazing event surrounding the various aspects of sustainable living and evolutionary development. We are honored to have been speaking; and would like to thank all those who made the experience possible! Our appreciation goes out to the Global BEM team, speakers, and supporters alike! Enjoy. :)

Follow their progress on:
Follow Global BEM on:

Keywords: Free Energy, Abha Coil, Daniel Nunez, Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, Over unity, Over-Unity